weddings at the Oak Barn Devon

Photographing a wedding has to be fun. Every wedding i am at for hours, like 12-13 hours. Every now and then during those hours are moments when guards are let down, breathes are taken in or out. Tension is built or released or corners are turned in the day, getting past some bits, building up to parts of the day. Moments taken or moved past. I look for these moments and try to take the pictures. The pictures below don't tell the whole story of the day. they tell 18 brief moments of the day. Unless you are involved its really hard to piece them together. Some pictures are the moment after the breath is taken out and a little bit of the worry has gone, or the worry has not happened yet. Some of the pictures are little stepping stones of the day. Some of the pictures will only be known by two people and what they mean.

All the photographs from this wedding i have chosen are in black and white. Moments of significance and images that i like. Trying to give whats happening in front of me some shape and feeling of moment of art.  Often the moments that are significant aren't the post striking images but often my most favorite. Sometimes the image are my favorite for the images and how that little moment has been told. There are chunks missing from this day. I am not showing the whole story and i am not showing these pictures to get more bookings and more weddings but to show week by week some of the real bits of the day and those little seconds that very few know about. Often me and the person in the photo are the only people that know.

I hope you like some of these moments and some of the images that break up the moments.

The wedding was at The Oak Barn in Devon. It was wonderful and we were all lucky to be there.