some favourite images of 2016

2016, amazing folks, new skills, new friends, new ideas, lots to think about for 2017 and new directions to take and new stories to tell, brought some new cameras that make films, linked together with some bros, got married to my best friend and constant favourite person, had some more ideas, met people with the similar ideas, opened a new company, worked hard on this project and can't wait to change shit up for next year. - summary :)

I know no one reads these best of blogs so not going to write more .

Here is 60ish of my fav images of this year and some of last ?!?!?! i'm not sure anymore , i like these pics cause of colours and moments, the days they were taken and the peeps involved and a whole load of other reasons that i'm not going to write as i can guarantee no one is going to be reading this stuff but probably look at the pics :) see you on the other side :) X