Wedding photography at Burgh Island

I got asked to write a blog once on my favourite wedding venues in devon and burgh island was one of my wedding veunes, well places in general . I think one of the reasons is that i always seem to meet the nicest couples and this day was no different. Ellicia and Jonny were wonderful and so were their friends and family.

When i got there in the morning Elica told me the night before she had a dream that i hadnt turned up and there was no one to photograph her wedding ! I had turned up and her wedding was amazing :) Burgh island is such a jewel. The couples that get married there are so lucky. They will always have an intrinsic link to the place. They can return over and over and always have their own memories ingrained of their day in the rocks and air and the windows. Its super special and so cool to be involved :) Lots of love to Ellie and Jonny and here is some little bits of there day you guys rock :)) X Big thanks as well to Mike @ puravida cornwall.