Getting married at River Cottage, devon

Getting married at River Cottage is certainly one of my most favorite venues in Devon to photograph couples. It is perfect for me , relaxed, rural , cool couples, amazing food, beautiful surrounding, not much phone reception and an amazing place for a party afterwards. Every couple I have photographed there has had the most amazing time and the location and the light is some of the best at the end of the day.

I often have a little session of pictures for about 10 mins after the meal with my couples . Its a great opportunity to take them away after a full day of them socializing with their guest, grab a bottle of champagne and go for a wander. The wedding part is done and they can escape for 10 mins by them selves ( and me ! :) and hold hands, have a walk and a cuddle and we can shoot some pictures. The trick is picking the right moment for the best light. At river cottage the sun sets right down the valley and covers the wild meadow fields in beautiful orange light in the last minutes of the day. There is a gap straight down the valley to the west which lets light flood down as the sun sets, its amazing , almost too good to be true ! The combination of the wild meadows, sun and space is definatly one of the most exciting places in devon to catch some moments of couples at the end of their day.

I love River cottage , its always fun to see and to relate it to the popular TV programme and to be in the same place as you are familiar with. Its certainly special and very relaxed , the chefs and staff are great and they know how to do weddings there really well. Great food and an amazing space for a party afterwards its def in my favorite venues in the south west :) I hope you like this breif selection of pictures from Zoe and Daves day. There is over 900 final images i gave to them but here is 50 or so that hopefully give an insight into a really fun day at their wedding, hope you like gang :) xx AG