Introducing 'Our Further Project' wedding videos in Cornwall and Devon

It's so good to get into the routine of blogging again.  I think one of the things that keeps me growing and being entertained in wedding photography (especially over the last year) is by using different ideas and mediums of the work i do that isn't wedding photography to help me grow with enthusiasm and style with the stills work. Over the last year i have been working on making wedding films as well as doing the stills. I used to make ski films and lifestyle films in the french alps and really enjoyed working with video.

Over this last year i have been planning and launching a wedding video business that you will see has a little link in the info section of my main website. I love it, its called “our further project”

It's been so great to switch out of auto pilot a bit and give myself a whole new set of challenges at weddings. I drive a lot and think that my mind is most active when I drive and its been an amazing gift this last year to be blessed with an idea that genuinely excites me. I love opening the doors of possiblity, to slowly mull over ideas that i think have legs, to go forwards and backwards over whats right and wrong for me and to explore possibility. Endless hours thinking and looking opening my mind to a new world in which i am not familiar. Being inspired by all sorts of unfamiliar places, people and ideas. Being inspired by new levels of story telling , sounds, dialogue, music, images, order, presentation and pace. This journey of discovery has indeed generously given back in a feed back loop style and i feel added to the potential of my stills photography as well. I have oped my eyes more to this.

It's amazingly refreshing to be working on several different ways of recording weddings. Over the last year some weeks have been stills work and some weeks has been films, sometimes it's been both. To spread my time and though between the two medias has enhanced each other for sure. My stills have been more thoughtful and my film has been more art based and different from the traditional, the stills work helps the film work and vice versa for which i am very grateful.

Having done this and identified I then as well started looking at other work and seeing how that could help me be influenced by fresh ideas and taking that back to the wedding work. Mainly its been working with analogue films in still work and video. Producing something that can be touched as a one off has inspired all sorts of new ideas that i am and will be working on later this year.

One aspect of opening the film company has been the collaboration with other folks, building a little team, bouncing ideas, chatting and idealising “what ifs”.

I am looking forward to talking more about collaborating in another blog later this week.

If you are interested in seeing our video project take a look here

Thanks for reading :) -AG x