Wedding Photographers at Chateau Rigaud

Being asked to go to Chateau Rigaud to be a wedding photographer is such a pleasure. This weekends wedding was a beautiful time with some amazing people at a lovely wedding. Wedding photography in France and especially in the Bordeaux Region suits my style of wedding photography down to a tee. Wide open rural spaces, loads of symmetry and strong light. I love the space particular to the area combined with the great bunch of people that Kat and Andy have as friends this wedding was extra special and i had a busy and hot but lovely weekend of capturing their day for them :)

As with all weddings I am trying to push the way I photographic them with a more abstract eye of documentary , trying to go beyond the recording of the event in a straightforward way but to record the events in a way of oddity, incidental way using the light and space to create a more art based look at the day than a simple document.

In any wedding there is a pressure to be ambitious, be unique and individual to the story to that day and not be formulaic but to open minded, feel the flow and energy and represent these moments in pictures. Sometimes the quietness of the morning, the chaos of the party can be represented much more than the recording of the moment in the straight forward approach but to use the light, space, shadows and perspective to achieve much more than the obvious. 

Everybody at a wedding now has a camera and I love the fact that recent years has liberated everyone closer to being an artist so they choose to record their lives in the format of digital images- architects of their own memories. Along with this , the world of photography has been opened up to a more ambitious and interesting breed of people who are paid ( and not paid ) to make these permanent memories more ambitious and niche than they ever were. The world of wedding photography is an exciting one at the moment with aspirations of both couples and photographers having no boundaries :)

As always I have added a very brief selection of pictures from the 800+ they received but like this little selection :) 

I was very lucky to be involved with this wedding and hope you all like the pictures :) thanks for reading and if you are thinking of getting married at the chateau Rigaud, I would say you are going to have an amazing time :)