Black and white wedding photography

Black and white is a wonderful medium for weddings. This is not my unique thought but a well discussed idea. The idea that if someone looks at a colour photograph the first thing they notice is the colours and then whats happening in the picture. Black and white provides the ability for the viewer to see image and whats happening before being distracted by the colour.

I think as well black and white adds a layer of timelessness. It takes away the element of dating the pictures through distraction and fashion of colours so without the colour it provides an image in a simplified way. Often colour does play a major factor in the image but sometimes to isolate the light and dark and whats happening is an amazing way to produce memories of the day. I love to work thinking in black and white and actively seeking out images that will only work in black and white. 

Black and white is a great way of adding a more abstract look at weddings, its an excuse to push the artistic boundaries. It opens up loads of doors from ghost like blurs to the most simple but the most detail in a single image. A process that has never dropped out of aspiration for most couples. I love working in black and white, below of a few frames that i hope illustrate some of the ideas above :) Black and white can be used in digital format and also a 35mm black and white negative, medium and large format. Feel free to chat about ideas if you would like, contact me here :)