Some ideas...

A wedding is a theatre. A theatre of little scenes, words, moments and emotions that if I am lucky enough I am right in the middle of.

Photography is a tool for recording moments and most of the world has access to this tool, its how we record those moments and use the tools that gives the photographer their value. Most of the guests at your wedding will have a camera. I need to make sure that I am constantly thinking of what I produce can be nothing like what anyone else at your wedding will produce. I thrive on the constant challenge to shoot a set of pictures that falls away from the obvious recording of events and gives you a set of pictures that resonate with you and will do so every time you see them.

It is so important to find the right wedding photographer. There are so many individuals and companies out there and good research on your behalf is essential. The clients that tend to book me first and foremost care about their wedding pictures immensely and secondly are genuinely looking for something different to what the majority of wedding photographers are producing. 

The style of work that I produce at Harrera Images could not solely be described as wedding photojournalism or reportage wedding photography in its purest sense, really its a combination of influences from these styles combined with punctuations of stylized shots that have a narrative driven theme. In other words, perhaps it could be thought of as prompting not posing, thinking about location, light and planning time for a few shots in the day whilst thinking of a genuine narrative in the approach so you will not get stuck with just a load of posed wedding photographs.

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I often make a point that the value of your wedding pictures are not necessarily when you receive them but 5, 10, 20 years down the line. To evoke a memory past the visual image to a moment in time where the possibilities were endless.

A gritty, art inspired mindset with a natural flair for documentary is really the backbone of the look of the work I do. By letting the day unfold minute by minute building a collection of real moments is the only honest way to tell your story. I would never ask you to symbolise what is expected by creating something that does not naturally happen.

I never really do weddings that I am only there for a part of a day. I have never been to a wedding that has lasted less than 12 hours. If I commit to a wedding – I commit to a wedding. Any ideas you have I would love to hear. To work with you together as a team. To have ambition to go beyond the obvious to something that is really special and most importantly tell your story.

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