Best of 2018 wedding photography


2018 ! so many things to talk about, many of them no one cares about. We are now often talking about “why dosent the baby go to sleep ?” “ stop eating lady -birds - not for your mouth “ and then every now and then i got to have a day off and go to a wedding. And there was so many good ones. I have started shooting and making a lot more film , video film. wedding videos basically ! i love it ! i still shot 24 ishs wedding photography wise and 16 films so lots of work but really enjoy it.

This year has been ace with the little one joining us. next year hopefully we have learnt a few things, will work hard a a few things. I have some relly cool weddings already booked in so very much looking forward to getting stuck in. Hopfully building a new work space . Moving forward. Thanks big time to the team, helping out, second shooting, chatting stuff through, great as always to be in a gang :)