2017 best of weddings

Wow , 2017 :) i remember writing my 2016 post, it seems like no time ago.

I am as always not going to write a lot , this year was great, so many cool couples , i cant possibly name them but Prussia Cove lot as always pulled it out the bag !

Some of my favorite moments, colours, pictures and people are below. moments of documentary and observation. They are often not the most iconic moments but the oddities, the slight walks off the path that make me smile. Its always a team effort with me and eveyone else at the wedding, especially the couples. Thank you thank you thank you for being so amazing and letting me be involved :)

Every year my main goals are

- to work as hard as i can for every couple/person i photograph

- To see each day as unique and work hard to look for the unexpected and visualize the day in a unpredictable and unexpected way.

- To find couples through an odd set of circumstances, a weird way that brings us together :)

Here are some pics and I hope you like them XX