Alternative wedding photographers in Cornwall

Everyone at your wedding will have a camera. Everyone loves taking photos. The smart phone liberated us all to be artists which is amazing. People occasionally pass comment about how hard it must be to be a wedding photographer as everyone now has a camera. To a degree its true, very true. But , also it means that people want something unexpected, something unpredicable. Something from their wedding pictures that is going to surprise them , to photograph the wedding from an alternative point of view. To record the bits in a way that no one else is going to do.

I love going to a wedding and looking for the unpredictable. Little flashes of bits and bobs , little bits on nonsense that i can convert into photographs of the day.

To shoot alternative pictures I think one important aspect is to look for the alternative, to stray away from the straightforward , move with the flow and take the occasional odd walk around. Keep your eyes open for the things to happen , dont expect the predictable. Leave that to someone else.

Charlotte and Eds wedding was right up my street, super relaxed, lots of booze dancing and laughing. The right emphasis on the right parts of the day. It was major cool being involved and loved hanging out with everyone. I have picked 37 little moments of alternative to show you what i mean in the writing above. There is some bits that are more mainstream but mostly some of the more unpredictable from the day:) 

Alternative is not weird, its not looking in different directions while holding a typewriter, wrapped in a carpet. Alternative is real, its just the way you look at it that can change. I think wedding photography is going to get more alternative. Certainly people crave something different more and more. Which is great and which is why wedding photography will yes be a difficult business to build but only if you are doing the same as everyone else.

Hope you like the pics gang :) - AG XX