Getting married at Holwell Temple , Castle Hill estate

When i photograph a wedding I always try to share the idea that its a team effort between us. There is often so much potential for images but unless we all are all up for going sometimes we can miss the opportunity. Sometimes we may want to jump over a fence , walk through woods, huck up the dress and go for it , find a cool place and make it our own. 

Sometimes that doesn't happen happen but that's ok too. I appreciate getting to the fun / muddy bits arent for everyone but sometimes it all comes together we have a fab time and make some cool pictures :) That's what happened here , Victoria and Simon were really up for finding the cool spots and there is a few images that were only possible because of our team efforts:)

Wedding photography for me is such a good balance. Beauty, documentray, fashion, images all in one day. Here is a small selection of a few of my favourite images from there day. They had 863 final images and i have picked out about 20 i think. I loved being with them on thier day and a few of these pics just show how cool iot is wehn some couples say, lets take off our shoes and walk in the woods :) :) // AG :) X